One of the 2009 Bible School graduates, Joshua Manlises, made the following video to share his experience and that of his fellow students.

“It is simply about putting the Word of God into people’s hearts,” he says.

“Bible School for me has been a reinforcement of the foundations I have in Christ. It’s been applying the Word to my life, especially with the Authority of the Believer. Not only do I know who I am in Christ, I know where I am in Christ.” – Shardae Smith (2009)

“It’s being equipped with knowledge and wisdom. I think the most important thing I’ve learnt through these Bible School periods is really how to become a real man, not just in the natural world but also in the spiritual and really having a very strong foundation. And also, standing very strongly in the Word of God.” – Solomon Phoenix (2009)

“Since starting the Bible School, I have become a lot more confident and am not afraid to show that I am a Christian. I have recently been asked more and more questions about my faith at work and have been in a position to create a discussion and get others thinking. I am more aware of the challenges in my world and am better to handle them.” – Bronwyn Dee (2005)

“I am much stronger in my faith and feel so much closer to God since doing the course. This course has really helped in my development as a Christian. Thank you. – Tony Hermes (2005)

“I found the course personally challenging. I had to dig deep and ask myself tough questions. It also motivated me to disciple others – I am so excited! The course was practical in that we were often asked how we were going to apply the teaching in our daily lives – very different form just acquiring information; as a result I moved forward in my knowledge and experience of God. I would confidently recommend ENLI to anyone who is desiring to have their faith strengthened and their lives changed.” – Dina Pestana (2005)

“The Leadership and Spiritual Disciplines courses were great and inspiring, and also helped to put things in perspective on daily lives and were very encouraging and empowering.” – Lea-Anne Hooey (2005)

“An excellent course and totally applicable to every aspect of life on a daily basis. Very inspirational.” – Janet Bergh (2005)

“Excellent teachers and teachings – I grew a lot in the course.” – Francois Lategan (2004)